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The simple answer, no.  If you want to alienate many of potential business customers and clients, then yes, discuss politics.

Here's an example.  When we were looking for new offices and studios, myself and business partner made an appointment to see a new place that we notice in a listing.  It looked like the perfect place.

We got to the property and waited to get inside.  The landlord/owner of the building came driving up in a $70,000 BMW.  He got out and apologized for being a bit late.  He said he was with his insurance agent and immediately went into the topic of Obamacare.  He started rambling on how he hated it and how much he as to pay for his two daughters while they go to Stanford, blah, blah, blah.

As he unlocks the door, he has a flashlight in his hand.  I asked what was the flashlight for.  He replied that he had the power turned off because he "didn't want to pay for trickling electricity".  BTW, the place was completely empty.

So as we're going through this office, with a flashlight, he continues to talk about how great Trump is and how the tax cuts are going to help him a lot.  I'm not sure why he felt compelled to discuss politics since we were only interested in the office.  He then said, let me show you what the place would look like if the lights were on.  He took us over to another business.  He just walked in, introduced us then asked THAT owner what she thought of Obamacare.  My partner and I both looked at each other and shook our heads.

So after a brief conversation, we thanked this owner and said we're looking at a couple of other buildings and we would let him know.  When we got in our car and at the same time said "ah, hell no!"  We agreed there is no way we could have a landlord-tenant relationship with this man.

Here you have this land owner, driving an expensive car, two girls in college and whining about health insurance.  Not to mention that he's too cheap to keep the electricity running in a empty office.  The clincher was the fact he talked politics with views that we don't agree with.

So a few days passed and he called us and asked if we want to sign a lease.  I had informed him that we found another place (which we did) and highly recommended that he shouldn't talk politics to potential clients.  He immediately asked, "so you're not a Trump fan".  I responded, "no I'm not".  He asked, "what does that have to do with leasing an office?"  I replied, "nothing, that's why you shouldn't bring it up".  

So, there you go.  I hope that answers your questions regarding mixing business and politics.