It's all good!

No news. No propaganda. No negative posts. No politics. It's all about feeling good and sharing good.

Do you like keeping in touch with family and friends on Facebook; only to see a bunch of negative garbage on your news feed? Are you tired of dealing with negative, nasty trolls on your social feeds?

Welcome to Dime Club!

A place of happy. Start your day, get through your day and end your day with us! Dime Club has an algorithm that filters out negative. No politics, negative news and troll posts. We're a feel good site that's needed right now!

We're powered by YOU!

You set the pace. You provide the content. You share the good. Share motivational quotes, positive content, happy stories and more. Make new friends. Invite family and co-workers. It's a place to trust and enjoy. No need to worry that negative garbage will be on the wall.

Everyone sees your posts!

Because it's all about being positive, you don't have to do 'friend requests'. Dime Club is one big community which means every post is seen by all members. Dime Club does not replace Twitter or Facebook, it compliments it. When you want to get away for awhile, join us at Dime Club. We're always here for you!