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Learn How Dime Club Works

Simply beautiful




Social networks come a dime a dozen (no pun intended).  Most are the same.  Users trying to get friends, followers, hits, clicks, likes, views, attention.  So much energy spent on something so meaningless.  Let's not forget the negativity, fighting, bickering, arguing, harassing and so much more.  Who needs that? 


Dime Club wants to change that.  No wasted energy because everyone that joins is a friend.  Everyone sees each other's post.  Everyone shares in the positivity.  That's because Dime Club is a motivational website sharing ideas, stories, how-to's and more.  We don't discuss politics, current news, celebrities or sports.  That's not what we're about.


Dime Club is "simply beautiful."  It's simple to use and beautiful to be a part of.  The structure is easy to understand.  Once you see how it works, you instantly get it.


Here's how it works:


1.  All posts are done on the homepage.  You can add links, images, videos and more.  Posts must be motivational, productive, positive, creative.  No advertising or marketing.


2.  Once you post, it's seen by ALL users of the site so there's no need to focus on finding followers.


3.  Put a hashtag # keyword that pertains to your post so users can find the topic of your post at anytime.  That way it gets listed in our "Channels" page (which is on our top menu of every page).  So anytime you're looking for certain topic, you can go to the Channels page and someone most likely has posted something about that topic.


Dime Club is all about you.  We want you to grow, get motivated, learn and feel good while on the site.  Share quality information with others and you can learn from each other.


Be a part of a fast growing creative web portal that breaks away from the craziness in the other social network.  Get started now:


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